Stay healthy and fit – for yourself and your loved ones! As you grow older you go through many changes. It’s important to learn what you can do to stay healthy and prevent some health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Here are some tips to stay healthy and motivated at any age.

Health Tips:

  • Select high-fiber foods like whole-grain breads and cereals, beans, unsalted nuts and seeds, deeply colored vegetables (like green beans), and fruits.
  • Avoid fried foods. Choose broiled, grilled, or boiled options instead.
  • Drink vitamin D-fortified low-fat or fat-free milk; milk products; or nondairy soy, almond, rice, or other drinks with added vitamin D and calcium to help keep your bones strong as you age.
  • Drink fluids throughout the day. You may feel less thirsty as you get older, but your body needs fluids to stay healthy and keep you regular.
  • Ask your health care professional about whether or how you can safely become active or increase your physical activity. Pick physical activities that you enjoy and can do on your own or with a friend or group.
  • Stay connected with family, friends, and your community.

Physical Activities:

  • Pick an activity you enjoy and start with small goals, such as “I will take three 10-minute walks this week.”
  • “Start low and go slow.” Slowly increase the total amount of time you are active, the number of days you are active, and the intensity of each activity.
  • If you live in an assisted-living or retirement facility, ask if the fitness center offers a free health checkup and fitness program.
  • Start a walking or other activity group with friends or family members where you live, work, or worship.

Remember to follow these safety tips:

  • Ask your health care professional about how you can safely increase your physical activity.
  • Remember to start slowly and build up to more intense activity over time.
  • Wear a sturdy pair of shoes.
  • Stop exercising if you have pain, become dizzy, or feel short of breath.
  • Drink fluids.
  • Do outdoor exercise during daylight hours with a buddy. Be alert when crossing the street.



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