senior couple with moving boxes

The Big Move: Sharing the Excitement

So, you’ve got some exciting news. You’re moving! You can’t wait to tell everyone and get them in on the fun, but how to do it? In this guide, we walk you through some of our favorite ways to get your friends and family in on the excitement.

Let’s have some fun!

Make the Announcement
Start the conversation by having your family over for brunch or lunch or a BBQ. Make it a celebration, have champagne or sparkling water. Pick a day when everyone can join in and learn about your next big move. A family gathering is an excellent opportunity to explain why this move is so exciting and what you are looking forward to. Discuss what you are excited about and why you feel you are ready to make the move sooner, then later.

Share the Facts and the Fun
Make a list of some bragging rights and share some pictures of what you are most looking forward to. Keep in mind that this list might highlight all the things you won’t have to do anymore, like yard work, home repairs, and preparing meals every day. Have fun in sharing the facts on how the community allows you to maintain your independence and provides a more carefree lifestyle filled with activities and services that are convenient and financially advantageous. Call out the things that you are going to enjoy most and share the facts and the numbers that prove that you have done your homework.

Get them Involved in Getting Organized
Let them know you are “right-sizing” for your new home and get them involved in sorting, packing, and identifying what items you want to give to them! Have your family over to go through your items and determine what to keep, figure out what you will do with the rest of the items that won’t be going with you. Consider having an auctioneer or an appraiser come to determine their value. Take advantage of resources that help you downsize and make the move easy.

Check out the Moving Station for need-to-know moving tips.

Schedule a Visit
Have fun in talking about your plans and encourage them to remain part of the process moving forward by scheduling a visit. Share any resources that might help them feel more comfortable with your decision, such as community information, webinars, financials, as well as any health care services or concerns. Encourage your family to experience and visit the community or communities that are on your short list so that they can visualize and experience first-hand what you are looking for.

Check out upcoming events that they can take part in and see for themselves.

It’s never too early to be proactive and take steps toward the future you want. Let us know if we can answer questions or help you keep moving forward in any way.

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