One of 15 different one-bedroom floor plan designs at Henry Ford Village, the Somerset home might just be the most stylish. An open floor plan, lots of natural light, and the look and feel of a city apartment are just a few of the many things we’ve incorporated into what has to be one of our most beautiful home-builds yet.

The Somerset is one of the biggest one-bedroom homes you can live in at Henry Ford Village. Couple that with its wide-open floor plan and there is plenty of room to entertain friends or stretch your legs. And because it was built to utilize every bit of available space efficiently, everything just feels bigger. Getting around is simple, having people over is no problem, and lounging about is easy.

The Somerset is many things – comfortable, accessible, and functional—but it’s only part of the whole picture. When you live at Henry Ford Village, it’s the things to do, the people you meet and the life you get to live because of where you live that makes the Somerset feel like home.

Schedule a tour of the Somerset HERE to see all that life at Henry Ford Village can be for yourself.