Advancements in intelligent technology for seniors has made life more manageable over the last decade. From communication improvements to health tracking devices, seniors are taking advantage of technology more and more to help them through every day. Here are some new technologies that help seniors specifically and are worth checking out:

  1. Smartwatch Applications: If you are a smart watch user check out VitalTech, a cloud-based platform that improves patient health and wellness through connected care, the emergency voice call-out and fall-detection watch provides a more subtle way to monitor for falls, while tracking vital signs like heart and respiratory rate and oxygen saturation, as well as physical activity and sleep quality. It also provides medication reminders.
  2. Virtual Reality Applications: Rendever offers the latest in virtual reality technology. Designed specifically for seniors, Rendever is providing new opportunities for older adults to experience parts of the world they are missing. The wearable device allows the user to reconnect to places they used to call home. Users also visit famous landmarks or beautiful countries they dreamed of traveling to in person. Revisit the location of your wedding or walk the streets of Paris. The innovative technology helps seniors avoid isolation and re-engages them with new environments.
  3. Simplified Tech Tablets: The Grandpad from Consumer Cellular is a simplified tablet made specifically for seniors. Staying connected with your friends and relatives is vitally important for good mental health, and the Grandpad does just that you can use it as a phone, video chat device, upload pictures and all with the ease of a tap of finger. A family administrator manages the GrandPad through a web portal or handy smartphone app to assure a safe, secure experience and creates a private circle that lets family and friends connect–and keeps spammers and scammers away!
  4. Location Devices: Tired of losing your keys, luggage, pets or wallet? A “Tile” or “XY Find it” might be your answer. These small Bluetooth based finder devices attach to your keychain or wallet and teamed with your mobile device can immediately find any lost item within 300 feet, but also locate items lost outside the home using a GPS system.
  5. Medication Dispensers: Pria is an example of a personal medication assistant that takes the hassle out of medication management and relieves worries about medical nonadherence. Pria is easy to set up and the pill-chute makes for easy loading. With features like two-way video calling, facial recognition, and mobile alerts, families can stay connected at any time, from anywhere and have piece of mind that your loved ones are taking their medication as prescribed..



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