Sometimes, the older we get the more inspired we are to fulfill a dream list with the things we always wanted to do but never quite got around to. Retirement doesn’t have to mean you have to forget about all those things you had dreams and aspirations of. Here are some dream list suggestions to fill:

Road Trips: Sign up to carpool, organize a group for a bus day trip (there are many companies that provide bus service to seniors who want to get out and explore) or even have a family member take you somewhere across this great state that you have never been. There are many destinations that are within driving distance that can satisfy any sense of adventure. Most people have the desire to get in the car and drive to a random destination, but many don’t attempt it.

Charity Work: There is nothing more satisfying that helping out someone else in need. Whether you make a monetary donation or give up some of your time to help, investigate some of the wonderful causes worth your time. Maybe it’s a cause that supports something you or your partner is passionate about.

Learn Something New: Cognitive stimulation is good for the mind and body. Most people have thought about learning a foreign language or playing an instrument. There are plenty of opportunities throughout Henry Ford Village to expand your horizons and opportunities to meet new people. Student are people of all ages.

Get a Makeover: Take a trip to the spa or hairdresser. Get a couples massage (great for stress relief). Maybe go out and buy a new outfit. This doesn’t have to be a personal makeover though, it could mean redecorating a room in your living space. Think of it as an opportunity to make something or someone look their best.

Do Something Daring: It’s always important to get out of your comfort zone. That’s how we grow, and it’s never too late to try something daring. This doesn’t have to be skydiving or cliff jumping, it could be as simple as trying a food that you never thought you would eat or getting up in front of people to tell a joke. Maybe just joining one of the many groups at Henry Ford Village that you found interesting. This is more about overcoming any fears you might have about putting yourself “out there” and feeling good about accomplishing things at any age.

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