The leaves are turning. There’s a chill in the air. And this fall, we’ve got that back-to-school feeling. At Henry Ford Village, we suggest making the most out of that nostalgia for a new start with a little redesign.

Each year Interior Design and Architectural Construction students at Henry Ford College and Wayne State University collaborate with Henry Ford Village to design and build out multiple homes. The event has become an annual program for the schools and Henry Ford Village, with students bringing contemporary theory and designs to fruition for the benefit of those moving to Henry Ford Village.

Students work the entire year designing the apartments from initial designs, to 3D models, to actual construction, experiencing the entire design process from start to finish. In the Spring, the newly designed homes are presented by the students and faculty and made available for viewing to prospective Henry Ford Village residents.

Find out more about the Home Design Showcase in by watching the video below and get to thinking how a little redesign is just what the season ordered: