Captivating paintings, intricate wood projects, and fascinating sculptures were featured in the recent Art Walk exhibition at Henry Ford Village in Dearborn.

The event, in its second year, was an opportunity for 28 artists and collectors to display and explain their works, and for the nearly one thousand residents of the community to partake in a walking journey to view and appreciate the variety of pieces on display. Over the course of the month-long event, new artwork to be enjoyed was added each week. Purposefully exhibited in varied locations across the community, the event highlighted not only the beauty of the artwork but the benefit of walking.

Like many events at the community, Art Walk is appreciated for the dimensions of wellness important to personal growth and well-being. The exhibits offered intellectual, social, physical, environmental, emotional, religious elements. Of course, most importantly, the event was enjoyed for the chance to enjoy art, learn more from neighbors, and to share. On average over 300 people took the walk each week, following maps to the artists’ locations.

“We have a well-traveled group of residents here, and I thought it would be a good idea to share with our neighbors what people have collected and made,” said Art Walk coordinator Christine Panyard.

Resident Ruth Borushko comes from an artistic family, but her busy life prevented her from pursuing her interest in painting until she retired from teaching. Working with oil paints, she is often inspired by her love of gardening to paint flowers. This year’s entry featured three wild roses, a Georgia O’Keefe-style piece was a particular favorite among attendees. “I enjoyed having people view my work and share their thoughts; they were very nice,” the first-time entrant said. “Also, I enjoyed the Art Walk itself, viewing what other people had done, and of course the exercise.” Now enjoying retirement, she takes classes at Henry Ford Village’s art studio and finds painting relaxing and meditative.

Resident Patrick Daly took a break from painting landscapes to offer something a little more “out of the box.” He was sitting at his easel and just happened to look down at his shoes and thought “why not.” So his series “Shoes In My Closet” came to be. His whimsical series is appreciated by many, but he states he paints for his own fun and relaxation.

A former psychologist and educator, Panyard is a member of HFV’s resident wellness committee, which helps provide guidance and support to wellness programming. The community’s clubs and activities reflect the passion and experience of their resident leaders and emphasize dimensions of wellness. Panyard leads the community’s resident photography club. The photography club members execute unique assignments and gather monthly to share their “homework” in an engaging forum. Like her neighbors, Panyard enjoys the freedom of retirement living at Henry Ford Village to spend more time doing things she truly enjoys. She started taking photography seriously after retirement and often focuses her lens on religious subjects and architecture while traveling.

Panyard has visited Italy numerous times and authored a book of photographs of the Sistine Chapel, and an extensive traveler, her camera will be in tow during planned visits to Vietnam and India this year.