Before the cold weather officially arrives, it’s a good idea to do some routine fall clean up around your house to make things easier when you’d rather just stay cozy in your home. Here is a quick checklist that should help you prepare for Winter:

  1. Clutter Cleanup–This goes for inside the house just as much as outdoors. Cleaning up branches and garbage in your yard and putting away seasonal items like garden hoses and patio furniture will make your Spring cleanup that much easier and make your winter safer. Inside the house, be sure to remove any unnecessary and obstructive objects or appliances to avoid trips and falls.
  2. Fire Safety– As a rule, be sure to check and test your fire safety systems throughout your home on a regular basis–smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and exit plans. Check the batteries in the smoke alarms and be sure to have spares on hand. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers–each home should have at least two. Finally, take a few minutes to stand in each room in your house and acknowledge the best escape routes in case of a fire.
  3. Lights!– Before the weather gets too cold, be sure to check and replace bulbs on all of your exterior lights. Proper lighting during darker Winter days can help you avoid slips and falls and make your home less vulnerable to theft.
  4. Prepare for Snow– If you are responsible for snow removal at home, it’s always a good idea to check your tools before the season hits. Are your shovels in good shape and is your snow blower in working condition? Make sure you have gas for the generator and you’re stocked up on rock salt as well.
  5. Emergency Plan–No matter what time of year, make sure you have a general emergency plan in place for any kind of situation–fire, fall, burglary, power outage, etc. Know who you are going to call first and have all emergency numbers programmed in your phone (speed dial). Do you have a pet in the house? Put a sign on your front door to let emergency personnel know in case they need to get in or save them from a fire. Thinking ahead can save your life in the future!

Living at Henry Ford Village actually reduces the need for most of these tasks! Residents and their pets get peace of mind knowing that they are safe in a gated community with 24-hour security. Fire safety systems are updated and checked regularly without any effort on the part of residents. And best of all, snow removal is taken care of–sometimes as quickly as it falls! Once you move into Henry Ford Village, you’re really living.

To learn more about how Henry Ford Village encourages wellness, safety and peace of mind, call us today at 877-669-0728 or schedule a tour.