Title Wellness Activity Coordinator II
DepartmentResident Life
Job TypeFull Time
Start Date2019-01-07
Post Date2019-01-07
Job Description


At Henry Ford Village (HFV), we share our gifts to create a community that celebrates

life. That is our mission. Accordingly, we strive to provide an array of programs and

activities along the wide spectrum of wellness — culture, education, entertainment,

health, information — to HFV’s 1,000-or so Independent Living Community residents.

This Wellness Activity Coordinator’s primary function is to make sure that the HFV

calendar has a full array of suitable programs throughout each month. While there is

a pool of outside resources, the need to update, refresh, invigorate and expand

existing programs or introduce new programs is ever present.

The challenge is to be relevant and timely. Our programs must appeal to a large

community of residents with widely diverse and interesting backgrounds, distinct

experiences and needs. Every single day.

An effective Coordinator is a skilled networker. Educators, instructors, lecturers,

cultural institutions, entertainers, musicians, hospitals, and schools are the backbone

of the network which must be maintained, mined for new ideas, and expanded. The

Coordinator also works with the greater community to bring necessary services onsite,

such as the voting precinct, tax services, and the Dearborn Senior Center.

Residents are a frequent source of ideas and leads to fill out the network.

Thus, our well-rounded candidate is a strong communicator, is highly organized,

flexible and energetic, manages concurrent projects, and is comfortable working

within teams. Importantly, our Candidate is creative and curious, and is motivated by

the quest for new possibilities.


Plan, coordinate and execute core programs, events, activities and services to

  meet the needs and interests of the HFV community.

Develop programs, events, and activities that inspire high levels of community

  engagement, including entertainment, workshops, lectures, classes and seminars.

Research and identify new programs, events or services.

Recruit, hire, and schedule qualified instructors to provide a variety of classes

  within the wellness spectrum.

Connect with the HFV community. Bring new and existing residents together,

  develop relationships, and discover interests, talents, skills, and aspirations.

   Inspire residents to become involved in programming and in the planning of


Serve as liaison between the HFV community and outside organizations regarding

  programming and on-site services for residents.

Provide organizational support for all activities and events, including room and

  equipment reservations and set-ups, arranging for dining services, etc.

Track participation in programming and events when practical.


   – Create flyers for programs, events, activities and services. Write brief articles

      for community bulletins and newsletters.

    – Be prepared to informally discuss upcoming programs, events, activities and

       services on HFV’s closed-circuit community television.

    – Contribute to the maintenance of “Calendar Central,” the monthly activity

       calendar distributed to residents and staff.

     – Respond to resident phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

From time to time take on ad hoc projects, including collaborating with and/or

  assisting your colleagues in the Resident Life group.

Importantly, embrace HFV’s values in all daily contacts. Greet one another (by

  name whenever possible), show respect, smile, and make eye contact. HFV is

  indeed a manifestly friendly and welcoming community!


Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields of study: Social Work,

  Gerontology, Psychology, Communications, the Humanities, Integrative Studies,

  Counseling, Recreation Studies, Activities Programming.

A desire to continue to enhance skills through ongoing education (such as in-service

  leadership training).

Minimum 3 years service-related experience a Plus (i.e., volunteer and or public


Experience with the senior population a Plus.

Experience, passion or a desire for health and fitness instruction a Plus.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met

by an employee in order to successfully perform some of the essential functions of

this position.

Ability to sit, stand, bend, kneel, stoop, climb and reach as well as lift, push and

  pull items weighing 30 pounds or less.

This position requires manual dexterity, auditory and visual skills, and the ability to

   follow written and oral instructions and procedures.

In this position, you may be the only employee present to set up for an event.

  Thus, you will need to be able to work alone to set up tables, chairs, etc.

Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities.

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