Thank you for donating to Henry Ford Village!

Use the form below to designate the specific area to which you would like to donate, as well as the amount of your donation. You will have the chance to write a Donation Message to tell us what is compelling you to generously donate to Henry Ford Village.

You can designate your donation to the following areas:

  • The Benevolent Care Fund, which provides assistance to residents who face unforeseen financial hardship. Several residents are currently benefiting from this fund, which makes it possible for them to enjoy every day knowing they won’t be forced to leave their cherished home, friends and neighborhood.
  • The Scholarship Fund, which provides assistance to graduating high-school seniors and college freshmen who work in Dining Services at Henry Ford Village. For them, this fund makes a college degree attainable — eventually opening the door to future opportunities.
  • The Quality of Resident Life Fund, which directly benefits the overall quality of life for our residents. This new fund supports an array of projects, such as renovations, repairs, new equipment, innovative technology, enhanced programs, new services and other Henry Ford Village improvements.
  • Or, you can designate your donation as Greatest Need, which benefits all areas of Henry Ford Village.

Also, you can make a Memorial or Tribute Gift. Memorial or Tribute Gifts are a meaningful way to celebrate someone important to you. If you make a Memorial or Tribute gift, we will ask for the name of the person you are memorializing or honoring, as well as a mailing address where we can send an acknowledgement for your donation.

Thank you again for your generosity!

Greatest Need

Scholarship Fund

Quality of Resident Life Fund

Benevolent Care Fund

Memorial/Tribute Gift