Staying socially connected and engaged with your community becomes more important for mental and physical health
as we age. Socializing not only helps cognitive abilities, but studies have shown that people who remain connected with
friends, family and neighbors are less likely to experience chronic and life-limiting health problems such as heart disease
and diabetes.

Mental wellness can be achieved through strong social connections and can often lead to better overall physical wellness.
With a support group of friends, family or community, you’ll see a stronger dedication to self-care, more interest in healthy
eating habits and increased interest in exercise and physical therapy. There are numerous simple solutions to help you
stay connected: Set up a weekly recurring time to chat with friends or family members on the phone. Get to your know your
neighbors and exchange phone numbers. Join local volunteer or church groups.

If barriers like lack of transportation, limited mobility and long-distance family & friends impede you from participating in
the above activities, maybe a senior living community is a good solution for you. When reviewing and touring communities
like Henry Ford Village, you’ll find that being surrounded by peers on a daily basis makes a huge difference in quality of life.

Some benefits of community living for seniors include:

• Activities & Clubs
Senior living communities offer residents a full calendar of life enrichment activities & clubs each month. Active, independent
residents enjoy on-campus activities and community outings designed to work with participants’ mobility limitations in an
effort to keep them connected. Henry Ford Village offers over 150 resident-led clubs and activities around a wide variety of
interests and skills, encouraging people to learn something new or start their own club.

• Volunteering
Seniors make up the largest demographic of volunteers nationwide, providing their time and experience to an array of
causes. Senior living communities like Henry Ford Village often coordinate volunteer opportunities and transportation to
those locations for volunteer groups. Volunteering has been known to increase self-esteem by socializing with peers and
giving back to the community.

• Peer Support
Healthy relationships with people who understand age-related changes help build strong interpersonal connections. Having
someone or a group of people to identify, empathize and share a laugh with helps with overall positivity.

• Well-balanced Meals
Good nutrition is central to a healthy lifestyle. Often times, seniors who are mostly isolated from peers are at increased risk
of poor nutrition due to lack of transportation and support. Community living provides a solution with daily meals prepared
specifically each resident’s dietary needs. Henry Ford Village residents have an option of three different full service dining
areas as well as an onsite convenience store for light shopping. Each apartment home also features a full kitchen for those
that prefer to cook their own meals.
• Fitness Programs
Wellness and fitness are an important focus of senior living communities that encourage active, independent lifestyles.
Henry Ford Village’s fitness center features an array of modern equipment and a fitness instructor that leads formal classes
daily. Additionally, residents and staff lead fitness classes of all kinds and all skill levels like chair yoga, water aerobics and
tai chi to name a few.

To learn more about how Henry Ford Village encourages a healthy, active lifestyle, call us today at 877-669-0728 or schedule
a tour here.