Proactive vs Reactive

Continuing care retirement communities offer a variety of  lifestyles for seniors — from maintenance-free living, an invigorating collection of services and amenities to dining, entertainment and shopping. MORE ATTENTION. LESS WORRY. Residing in a CCRC can lessen concern for both the resident and his loved ones and makes moving through Continue reading

Why Bone Health is Important to you

Falls are a common reason for trips to the emergency room and for hospital stays among older adults. Many of these hospital visits are for fall-related fractures. You can help prevent fractures by maintaining the strength of your bones.Having healthy bones won’t prevent a fall. If you fall, though, having Continue reading

Retirement Community University

Back to School The factors you look at when considering a retirement home are not unlike the factors you look at when selecting a college or university to attend. Whether it’s in the short term or the long term, using the college metaphor as a way to approach the process Continue reading

Good Nutrition

Eating Well Increases Health Eating a well-planned, balanced mix of foods every day has many health benefits and reduces the risk of: Heart disease Stroke Type 2 Diabetes Bone loss Some kinds of cancer Anemia High blood pressure High cholesterol Diabetes Eating well gives you the nutrients you need to Continue reading