At Henry Ford Village, Retirement Isn’t About Sitting Still.

Seniors were once resistant to leaving their long-lived-in homes for retirement communities, also known back then as rest homes. They were perceived as places where elderly people with ill health moved, with little to no daily activity.

Today’s seniors have done an about-face. They’re planning ahead in good health rather than reacting to an illness or crisis. They’re also healthier, active and living longer and thanks to the Boomers, there are scores more of them. The result? They’re looking for an extension of their homes and neighborhoods —  where they can still live vibrant lifestyles and be a part of a larger community with fewer responsibilities and more amenities.

Top Things to Consider When Moving

(And We Accommodate ‘Em All)
  • Location, Location, Location. There’s a reason we’ve been the leading retirement destination for more than 20 years. Henry Ford Village sits on the 35-acre birthplace of Henry Ford, in Dearborn, Michigan with shopping and entertainment only minutes away.
  • Transportation: Whether you’ve got your own wheels or not, you can take advantage of our chauffeur services and private transportation when planning a day or evening out on the town.
  • Continuum and Availability of Care: From Independent and Assisted Living to Memory Support and Rehabilitation, our accommodation and level of care meets where you are and allows for an easy transition in the event of any change.
  • Research & Visit: Once you’ve reviewed all that we have to offer, we invite you to visit and experience what it’s like to live at Henry Ford Village. Walk through our neighborhood, test drive our treadmills, visit our three restaurants and and enjoy a meal (and, of course, dessert) on us.
  • Try an Activity or Two on for Size. Throw your putter in the trunk and test out our green, peek in on one of our exercise classes or simply bring your walking shoes and take a lap around our community.
  • Keep Your Family in the Loop: While in the process of deciding where to live, keep your close family members involved. We are ready to answer any questions you (or they) may have.
  • Hire Movers. Let someone else do the heavy lifting. There’s a growing industry of companies who specialize in relocating to senior living communities. These professionals can help you decide what you’ll need and what we already have waiting for you.
  • Add Familiarity to Your New Space. At Henry Ford Village, you get to choose from 1- and 2-bedroom apartments and find the one that works best for you. This allows you to arrange your furniture and decor similar to what you had in your previous home.
  • Get to Know the Staff & Neighbors. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The people who live with and care for all those living at Henry Ford Village are the same people who know you by name.
    staff and neighbors
  • Keep Your Routine. Whether it’s rising at 6 am, walking two miles a day or getting your nails done on Saturdays, incorporate elements familiar to you and your new place will quickly feel like home.
  • Don’t Stand on the Sidelines. Instead, visit the casino, spend time gardening or practice a little line dancing. The bottom line? Get involved — you’ll meet like-minded neighbors and become a part of your community even faster.
  • Give Yourself Time to Adjust and Stay Positive. Life is what you make it, so good thoughts and an open mind go a long way. In our community, there’s never a shortage of smiles, friendship and the opportunity to join in on one of our many activities or events.

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